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About Masterkey

Masterkey is a niche consulting firm, with headquartered in Ajman, UAE, with offices across GCC, India, Nepal & Bangladesh. The team comprises of seasoned accountants and industry experts specializing in the areas of Taxation , Book Keeping & Auditing.

Our Consultancy firm Sanjay Om Prakash Gupta & Co., Chartered Accountants established in 2001 under the leadership of CA Sanjay Gupta and subsequently grown over the years in the field of providing Taxation consultancy and planning.

We are providing comprehensive and integrated services in the fields of corporate accounting, audit, tax and financial advisory as well as in personal tax advisory. Our clients include startups, mid-market and closely held companies, high caliber wealthy individuals and regulated companies accross the globe including UAE , INDIA, NEPAL, BANGLADESH etc.

We work as financial planner to help the clients achieve the financial goal while simultaneously containing the associated costs and assisting in identify new revenue streams. As part of our track record of working with several corporate and non corporate clients, we have delivered several key benefits to our clients in, reduced time to compliance, reduced costs, maximizing revenue and tax planning.

Our Services

Specialized in Taxation Planning and Consultancy, Financial Planning, Management Services for Varieties of Clients, both large & small.

Accounting & Book Keeping

Business Advisors Services

Accounting Software Training & Implementation

VAT Consulting, Training & Implementation

Financial Reporting

Why Masterkey?

Experienced Team: We have a trained & skilled team of experts including Chartered Accountants which is working for more than 20 years now over the globe. VAT and now GST is already being implementing in India, which is being successfully managed by our trained professionals.

Accounting by Professionals: While you also can do accounting yourself, you will loose your quality time on this. While we can manage your books and VAT compliance more professionally, you can give your time to your business growing it. Also it will cost you less if we manage you books and taxation compliance more efficiently.

Update on Government Notifications and Changes: We will update you time to time about government notifications, amendment in taxation rules.

Training and Awareness session on VAT: We will provide training to you and your staffs about VAT implementation gradually. Since this is a new tax in UAE, people are not aware about the rules and regulations.

DATA SECURITY: We are having a safe and secure data server, where we will keep your data safe so that we can retrieve and provide it to you as and when required even after 5 or 10 years, which will cost you less than a fill per day.

Financial Reporting: You will need books of accounts professionally managed for getting Loans from Banks / Financial Institutions and we can help you doing it. We are also associated with banks in UAE and INDIA. In near future you will required Financial reports for availing govt. facilities, that we can provide you.

Value Added Tax ( VAT )- Implementation in UAE

The introduction of Value Added Tax is a significant change for businesses in UAE and GCC. VAT has a broad scope and businesses will need to consider the impact of VAT on all their transactions and the potential impact on prices and margins.

Businesses to be affected, as tax to paid by the end consumer, but burden to collect and deposit to government is on them. Also non-compliance will lead to higher penalties. Business operating in the UAE needs to take immediate steps to become compliant with the UAE VAT laws. They need to adopt Pre VAT Implementation services that should include Impact Assessment and VAT Registration support.


This assessment should consider the VAT impact on the following key areas:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT Systems
  • Expenditure & Cash Flows
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Inter Company Transaction
  • Legal, Contracts & Risk Management

VAT Consulting & Training Services

Business Impact Analysis & Consulting

Identify Compliance requirement

Review of Business functions

Review of IT changes

VAT competent software implementation for Business process

VAT awareness training & Implementation Plan

VAT Registration Support

Review of Accounting Records

Assist in or review of computation of VAT

Support in VAT Return Filing to avoid Penalties

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